Product: Pattern Making Blousons
Pattern Making Blousons
Instructions for the pattern construction of four different blousons jackets.

Pattern Construction for Culotte Jumpsuit

Culotte Jumpsuits auf dem Laufsteg
Inspiration Runway: Jumpsuits in Culotte Shape by Bottega Veneta, Temperley und Osman.

The two big trends in pants jumpsuit and culotte will get married this summer. Overalls with wide legs are now becoming the culotte jumpsuit. A casual and uncomplicated statement look that always brings a bit of extravagance. The one-piece suit is the ideal companion for the summer holiday, but can also be styled, for example with a blazer, to an office outfit. In this article we show how to construct the pattern for the culotte jumpsuit.

Culotte Jumpsuit bzw. Hosenkleid
Jumpsuit with Culotte Shape

Pattern Construction Culotte Jumpsuit

Maßnehmen für das Schrittmaß
Measure the Body rise

The Culottes dress could be also finished as separate blouse and Culotte pants. Use the basic dress pattern block (Metric Patternmaking for Dresses & Blouses – Page 37) as a foundation for the design development. The measurement for the body rise (here: 26.5 cm) can be found in the size chart. Add 2 – 3 cm ease to the body rise for more comfort. See drawing for measuring the body rise. The front and back crotch pieces can be also used for any other skirt shape (circular skirt, gathered skirt).

Culotte Jumpsuits auf dem Laufsteg
Inspiration Runway: Jumpsuits in Culotte Shape by Bottega Veneta,Chloe und Temperley.

Model development from the basic pattern block for a dress

Pattern Construction of a Jumpsuit

  • Close the bust dart temporarily and draw the yoke line.
  • Draw the waistline straight for the blouse seam and draw the side seam straight as well.
  • Trace the skirt pieces up to the curved waistline.
  • Mark the cutting lines for the pleats and distribute the dart intakes to the pleat lines.
  • On the centre front and centre back, measure the body rise from the waist downward and square out to the front and back. Calculate the front crotch width (1/8 hip girth minus 2 cm) and the back crotch width (1/6 hip girth minus 2 – 3 cm) based on a hip girth of 98 cm.

This article is an excerpt from the book Metric Patternmaking for Dresses & Blouses. The book on page 87 contains the final design of the pattern, as well as basic and model patterns for various blouses and dresses.

Pattern Overalls

Two overalls in sizes 36 - 46.

22,00 €
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Many more pattern instructions and patterns for sewing overalls and jumpsuits can be found in our online shop.

Product: Pattern Making Suit Jackets 1
Pattern Making Suit Jackets 1
In this e-dossier you find instructions for the pattern construction of five different suit jackets for men.

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