Product: M. Müller & Sohn Magazine 04.2020

M. Müller & Sohn Magazine 04.2020

Professional Magazine for Fashion and Pattern Making /// Evening Fashion -Two-piece /// Cycling clothing /// Tambour /// Slot safety device
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The magazine specialized in fashion and pattern making is issued ten times a year as a turnaround edition with topics on women’s and men’s fashion. The magazine is available in english language as a download. Each issue of the M. Müller & Sohn magazine contains an enclosed sewing pattern.

On the ladies fashion pages you will find inspiration for great two-piece outfits for special occasions. Whether for wedding, prom or other big days – festive two-piece outfits are more popular than ever! Afterwards you will learn more about the company history of the Swarovski brand, which was founded in Austria in 1895. The manufacturer of jewellery beads, costume jewellery and accessories made of cut crystal glass has made itself irreplaceable in the world of luxury through skilful cooperation and marketing strategies. Matching this, you will find the second part of the instructions for tambour embroidery with beads and sequins on the following pages. In the pattern technique Jasmin Clausen shows the cut pattern construction for different outfits on the theme of two-pieces. The outfits consist of a top and a pair of trousers or a skirt, which are sewn from the same fabric and can also be combined well. Since January 2020, twelve professions have been subject to the master craftsman requirement. The tailors are not among them. Since the 2004 amendment to the law in germany, anyone who likes it can still call themselves a “tailor” – you can find more information on page 29. On the enclosed pattern you will find a neckholder top, a blouse with a V-neck, a skirt with box pleats and wide pleated trousers.

The men’s fashion pages show the current pants trends. 2020 the trousers are cut very wide. The focus is on casual leather models in different colours, high waists and small eye-catchers such as stirrups, eye-catching pockets and belts in matching fabrics. This is followed by an interview with trend analyst and sustainability expert Carl Tillessen. The former fashion designer observes how the tolerance level of consumers is shifting in terms of fair and sustainable clothing production. The expert gives tips on what upcoming fashion designers should consider. Starting on page 9, you will find step-by-step instructions for securing the slit. Since the fabric is often subjected to more stress at the pleat and slit ends, it should be stabilized, e.g. by using a hand-stitched tailor’s fly or fan pleat. In the pattern technique you will find pattern constructions for cycling clothing for men. Afterwards you get valuable practical tips for branding, image building and marketing in the tailoring trade. If you cultivate your image, it is easier for you to promote yourself. Only a clear, convincing profile creates distinctiveness and trust. Finally, you will find a portrait of the world-famous Swiss textile brand Jakob Schlaepfer.

The enclosed pattern contains two two-piece outfits to combine (in sizes 36 – 46).

This issue contains 60 pages.

The topics (ladies) at a glance:

Designer Look

  • Festive Two-Piece Sets

In Focus

  • Swarowski – The Power of Cooperations


  • Tambour Embroidery – Part 2

Pattern Technique

  • Two-Piece Sets

Industry News

  • No Return of the Master Diploma



The topics (men) at a glance:

Designer Look

  • New Pants


  • Carl Tillssen


  • Slit Protection

Pattern Technique

  • Cycling Pants

Business Advice

  • Image Building


Tailors Seat – Sitting like a Tailor


  • Jakob Schlaepfer

Editorial Team`s Tips

  • Dates, Events, Book- &  TV-Tips