Product: Download Book Women Oktoberfest Dirndl
Download Book Women Oktoberfest Dirndl
Oktoberfest Drindl is a download-product

Dirndl Pattern

Variationen des Dirndls auf dem Laufsteg
Inspiration Runway: Dirndl by Lena Hoschek, Dolce & Gabbana and Sportalm.

Dirndl dresses come in a variety of styles. Meticulously tailored, pleated, trimmed and embroidered, these dresses are made from beautiful fabrics in traditional colour combinations. The flared, pleated, smocked or gathered skirts are combined with under skirts and knickers. The dirndl dresses are completed with aprons and blouses. Costumes differ from fashion clothes not only by their longevity; they are also bound to a certain cultural and regional area from where they have evolved. There are countless Dirndl styles in Germany, Austria and South Tirol. The goal is to include this traditional clothing in our everyday lives. Traditional clothing and especially the dirndl becomes increasingly popular worldwide as a synonym for high quality. The patterns shown here are deliberately neutral and can be applied on identical recreated Dirndl as well as on extraordinary evening dress or more formal wear for weddings and other special occasions or for the Oktoberfest. Tips and tricks for sewing Dirndl patterns for ladies: In this article you will find inspiration, great cuts and important professional tips on how to sew your dirndl pattern correctly.


PDF Download: Pattern Making Dirndl

Instructions for the pattern construction of a dirndl

15,80 €

Pattern Tegernseer Dirndl

The typical dirndl of the Tegernsee region in Germany

The typical dirndl of the Tegernsee region has a simple, classic style. It consists of a mostly buttoned dirndl top with sleeves and worn without a dirndl blouse. A particularly beautiful feature of the Tegernsee dirndl is the decorative peplum, also known as “Schosserl”, which is curled at the waist seam in the back or is attached in bell-shaped folds. The fabric chosen for this dirndl is traditional costume fabric made of cotton, linen or fine silk. Traditional costume dresses are often decorated with borders and trimmings of velvet, satin or organza. > Pattern for the Tegernseer Dirndl

Pattern Construction for Traditional Women’s Clothing

All pattern instructions for the traditional costume shown here (Dirndl, traditional skirts, bodice, aprons, blouses) and many more, you can find in the e-book Oktoberfest Dirndl.  The complete instructions for pattern construction of the Dirndl with apron are available in the E-Dossier Pattern Making Dirndl.


Alle Bestandteile eines Dirndls

Pattern Construction Dirndl Bodice

Basis: Basic Dirndl Block (Book Page 22)

Schnittkonstruktion eines Dirndl Oberteils

  • Mark the length of the Dirndl bodice at the waistline. Distribute the front waist dart intake to two smaller darts on the front pattern. Mark the front dart with 1.5 cm intake and the second dart 4 cm away from the front dart with 1 cm intake. Distribute the bust dart to the new darts. Measure the dart intake at the shoulder and mark ó of the intake.
  • Draw the new bust dart leg from the mid point to the front dart. Draw new dart legs from the mid point and the right side of the bust dart to the second smaller waist dart as shown in the illustration.
  • Draw the relocated shoulder seam on the back pattern. Lower the armhole 2-3 cm and trim the shoulder seam 1.5 cm at the armhole. Draw the new armhole on the front and back pattern.
  • Draw the princess seam line on the back pattern 2-3 cm away from the centre back towards the armhole.
  • Relocate the back waist dart intake of 3.5 cm to the princess seam line.
  • Lower the neckline according to preference and design 1-4 cm (here 2 cm) at the centre back and 2-6 cm (here 4 cm) at the shoulder. Lower the neckline 4-12 cm at the centre front (here 8 cm) and draw the neckline according to the illustration. The neckline shape can vary depending on the design.
  • Relocate the side seam 2 cm to the back. Trace a copy of the back pattern up to the relocated side seam and place the back piece on the front side seam. Blend the waistline.
  • Add 1.5 cm overlap parallel to the centre front for the buttonstand.
Variationen des Dirndls auf dem Laufsteg
Inspiration Runway: Dirndl by Sportalm, McQueen, Lena Hoschek

Finished Dirndl Pattern

Fertiges Schnittmuster für Dirndl

  • Tips and tricks for sewing can also be found in the e-book Oktoberfest Dirndl.
  • If you don’t want to draft the pattern yourself, our online shop offers a large selection of finished patterns for sewing dirndls, bodices, dirndl blouses and other traditional dresses, skirts and traditional jackets.
PDF Download: Oktoberfest Drindl is a download-product

Oktoberfest Drindl is a download-product

78,00 €

Pattern Making Traditional Skirt

Trachtenrock zum Dirndl

Pattern Pleated Skirt

Anleitung zum Zeichen eines Schnittmusters für einen Dirndl-Rock

Berechnung Faltenbreite:

(the calculation is based on the dimensions for size 40 > Measurement Charts for Women´s Wear)

Pleat distance:
1/2 waist girth + 0-1 cm = 38 cm
Pleat at centre front
Remaining amount = 28cm
minus 10 cm
7 pleats, 4 cmapart

Pleat depth:
1/2 fabric width = 184.5 cm
pleat center front minus 10.0 cm
pleat center front minus 20.0 cm
pleat center back minus 20.0 cm
7 pleats minus 28 cm
remaining amount = 106.5 cm

  • 106.5 cm pleat depth for 6 pleats = 17.75 cm depth for each pleat.

  • The skirt is made from two fabric panels, each 1.50 m wide and one panel of 0.75 m width. The total width of the panels is 3.75 m. Sew the panels together before you calculate the pleat distribution.

Pattern Full Circle Skirt

Anleitung zum Zeichen eines Schnittmusters für einen Tellerrock

Sewing Apron

die Dirndlschürze

Textile handcraft techniques on traditional costumes

Anleitung zum Smoken
Smoking is an ornamental technique on textiles. Decorative stitches and the gathering of the fabric create decorative wrinkles. Smok is often used in traditional costume fashion.
  •  The shirring smock and the honeycomb smock are the most common smocking techniques used for traditional clothing. These two smocking methods are the basis for a variety of smocking stitches and patterns. Ornamental smocking gives formal traditional costumes more body and a special touch.

Detailed instructions for three different Smok variants can be found on page 146 of the e-book Oktoberfest Dirndl.

Pattern Dirndl blouses

This pattern sheet contains four Dirndl blouses in sizes 36 to 46.

22,00 €
28,00 €

Further instructions for pattern construction and sewing patterns for traditional costumes can be found in our online shop.

Product: Download Pattern Construction Women: Latin Dance Dresses
Download Pattern Construction Women: Latin Dance Dresses
Instructions for the pattern construction of four different dresses for latin dance. 

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