Product: Download: Oktoberfest Dirndl

Download: Oktoberfest Dirndl

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“Oktoberfest Drindl” is a download-product – it is not a printed book!

(German Clothing Academy of Munich) has a longstanding tradition of publishing instructional patternmaking books. Rundschau publishing company’s experience as well as its parallel publication of the technical periodicals “RUNDSCHAU FOR INTERNATIONAL LADIES FASHION / MEN’S FASHION” are the ideal combination to present patternmaking techniques especially the patternmaking system “M. Müller & Sohn”.

“Tracht” is a term that in German stands for traditional, original, authentic and unique style. Traditional clothing combines influences from old templates, traditional cuts, patterns, colours, and especially precious hand work. Without traditions, all the world would soon look alike and many cultural icons would be lost. The pattern constructions in this book are historical designs in contemporary forms based on the system M. Müller & Sohn successfully implemented. Feminine lines emphasize the formality of the jackets, the ornate corsets and the coquettish Dirndl dresses.

Industry insiders and costume enthusiasts have been waitingfor this book for a long time. Custom tailor and designer with private studio, patternmaker in the apparel industry, costumiers at theatres, trainees and teachers will find valuable construction guidance and instructions for exceptional designs.

“Metric Patternmaking for Traditional Jackets – Bodice – Blouse – Spencer, OKTOBERFDEST DIRNDL” provides also the basis for feminine women’s wear, gives impulses for new and exciting developments and awakes the love for experimentation.

Please note the pattern are only for ladies fashion!

Page Count: 136 Pages
First English Edition (2013)