Product: Download: Fundamentals Menswear
Download: Fundamentals Menswear
Download: Fundamentals Menswear

Basic Slim-Fit Jacket Block Pattern

Slim-Fit Jackets on the Runway
Inspiration Runway: Single-Row Jackets in Slim Fit silhouette by Zegna and Dior. (Photo Credit:

The pattern „Basic Single-Row Slim-Fit Jacket Block Pattern with 2 Buttons and extra Front Pattern with Shawl Collar“ has eight sizes: 44 – 58. The pattern is constructed including seam allowance. The technical drawing as well as the detailed description and measurement chart will help you gain insight of the pattern. The calculation of material consumption helps you to obtain a suitable material.

Pattern Slim-Fit Jacket Single Row Basic Block

In sizes 46 to 56

28,00 €
22,00 €

The Design

Abgebildet ist die Vorder- und Rückansicht einer technischen Zeichnung von einem Sakko. Es dient als Vorlage für den Schnittmusterbogen


Details of the Jacket

  • variant 1 with falling lapel collar and 2 buttons
  • variant 2 with shawl collar and 1 button
  • piped pocket on the front pattern
  • welt pocket on the left chest
  • 2 side slits on the back pattern
  • sleeve slits with 4 buttons
  • cutaway front


Size Chart

Die Abbildung zeigt die Größentabelle von einerm Sakko auf einem Schnittmusterbogen

Slim-Fit Jackets on the Runway
Inspiration Runway: Single-Row Jackets in Slim Fit silhouette by Emporio and Fendi. (Photo Credit:

Pattern Pieces

Abgebildet sind die fertigen Schnitttteile des Schnittmusterbogens für eines Sakkos.

Fabric Consumption in m

(at a fabric width of 1,50 m)

  • Size 46:     1,65 m
  • Size 48:     1,70 m
  • Size 50:     1,75 m
  • Size 52:     1,80 m
  • Size 54:     1,85 m
  • Size 56:     1,90 m

The fabric consumption is only calculated for the shown pattern pieces.


Product: Measurement Charts for Women´s Wear
Measurement Charts for Women´s Wear
Measurement Charts for Women´s Wear

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  1. Hi,

    Regarding your Fundamentals Menswear book: Can I use it as a novice and does it provide step by step instructions for construction of the garment? Or is it a more advanced book for professionals?

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    1. Dear Alan, the book Fundamentals Menswear is absolutely suitable for beginners. The pattern construction of the most important basic pattern blocks of men’s fashion are explained in step-by-step instructions.

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  2. How do I buy this pattern? Do you have downloadable pattern for this pattern block?

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    1. Dear Mandy, the pattern Slim Fit Jacket is available as a printed sheet with german inscriptions in our online shop:

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  3. Hello ! Regarding body height, does it mean how tall the person is ? I’d like to make a jacket for a normal built man who’s 1,91 m tall. Would it be a size 56 ? Thank you.

    Reply to this comment
    1. Which size you should choose depends not only on the body height. But with a height of 1,91 m you have to choose a long size. You can find more information on this in our measurement charts for menswear.

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  4. What is the format of the pattern? PDF or DXF for computer programs like Gerber/Lectra. Is the pattern Graded for different sizes.

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    1. Hello Edwin, it is a PDF format or printed version.

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  5. I am a pattern maker and I use Gerber Accumark to make patterns. Can you make this jacket pattern available in DXF format? This will be very helpful for me to print out using my computer system.

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    1. Dear Kim, we are sorry, but we only offer our patterns in PDF format.

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  6. How can I downloud the pattern,even to by.

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    1. Hello Elki, you can order the printed pattern in our online shop:
      In the upcoming week the pattern will also be available for download in the german and english online shop.

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  7. I live in the USA. How much is the shipping for the patterns? Is the pattern available in English inscriptions when you download?

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  8. Do the patterns have English instructions with them and are any of the menswear books translated into English.

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    1. Hello Tony, the patterns have English markings but no detailed sewing instructions.The book Pattern Making – Fundamentals Menswear is available in english:

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  9. Hello, Fundamentals Menswear is in English or German for men. Thank you

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    1. Hello Mohammad, there is an english version of the book available for download:

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