Product: Measurement Charts for Men´s Wear

Measurement Charts for Men´s Wear

These updated Measurement Charts for Men´s Wear by M.Müller und Sohn are pure body measurement charts, with explanation of the individual measurements, instructions for taking measurements, tables for normal, slim, stocky, short, long, sport and belly sizes.
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The dimensions in the size charts are original body measurements, meaning that all measurements are taken snug on the body. Wearing ease must be added to the girth measurements and to some of the length measurements for the pattern construction. The amount of ease can vary depending on the current fashion and the desired styles.

The new size charts have been reviewed and revised based on industry experience and current size designation as well as evolutionary changes of the human body shape. Additional important measurements have been added to the size charts. The measurements have been adapted to the M. Müller & Sohn Pattern Making System and the fit has been checked for accuracy. It was also important to achieve consistent grading increments so that the standard grading process of the apparel industry will be possible.

The order of the measurements listed in the size charts is chosen in such a way that they can be processed in accordance with the pattern construction and the grading. After the size designation comes the body height, followed by the so-called main measurements (primary measurements) such as chest girth and hip girth. The main measurements are then followed by the auxiliary measurements (secondary measurements). As mentioned above, the secondary measurements are similar to the calculated measurements of the M. Müller & Sohn Pattern Making System.


  • Size Charts for Men’s Wear Explained
  • Measurement Definitions
  • Taking Measurements
  • The Structure of the Sizing System – Sizes Designation
    • Normal Sizes
    • Tall/ Slim Sizes
    • Stocky Sizes
    • Short/ Stocky Sizes
    • Belly Sizes
    • Short/ Belly Sizes
    • Normal Athletic Sizes
    • Short/ Stocky Athletic Sizes
    • Tall/ Slim Athletic Sizes

The following measurements are included in the size tables:

Body height, Chest girth, Waist girth, Hip girth, Sleeve length, Neck width, Scye depth, Back waist length, Back width, Scye width, Chest width, Waistband girth, Body rise, Inseam, Side length, Thigh girth, Knee girth, Kneeband girth, Calf girth, Ankle girth, Neckline girth, Neck girth, Shoulder width, Wrist girth, Biceps girth, Elbow girth, Elbow length, Head girth.

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2. Edition (March 2019)