Product: Download Schnittmuster DOB Cabanjacke
Download Schnittmuster DOB Cabanjacke
In sizes 36 to 50

Sewing Ski Clothes

Ski suit by Moncler
Inspiration Runway: Ski suit by Moncler

The ski suit is an outfit for winter sports, which is worn when skiing (downhill skiing and cross-country skiing) but also when sledging or ice skating. The two-piece ski suit is a combination of a jacket and trousers. The one-piece ski suit is also known as a ski overall or snow suit. In our article you will find a lot of interesting information about ski clothes as well as pattern constructions for two different ski combinations and a cross-country ski suit.


Ski clothes: what is important?

Ski suits usually have a water-repellent surface made of hard shell material and are mostly padded. To protect against the cold, this padding used to be very thick. Today, skiwear is mostly made with modern, “intelligent” fabrics (e.g. Gore-Tex) and thus becomes light and breathable.  Outdoor clothing today must not only protect against cold, wind and moisture, but also be comfortable to wear. Some ski pants have a bridge on the trouser leg to prevent them from slipping up, as well as suspenders or even a bib. In professional skiing clothing, protectors are often sewn into the knees, elbows, shoulders and coccyx to protect against injury in the event of a fall.

Ski clothes for cross country skiing?

Cross country clothing is usually sewn from a mixture of elastane. It is essential to ensure that the material is particularly breathable, highly elastic and resistant. Cross-country clothing is usually divided into different zones and the material is used according to the zones. For example, there is a particularly breathable fabric at the back of the knees or under the arms. Thighs, calves and buttocks are usually made of thicker materials to keep the muscles warm. Cross-country skiing puts particular strain on the inner thighs and should therefore be reinforced at the crotch. In the cut construction of our cross-country ski suit, the different zones are visible through a special seam guide. During processing, care must be taken to ensure that all seams and closures are waterproof.

PDF Download: Pattern Making Cross Country Skiing Suit

In this E-Dossier you will find an instruction for the pattern making of a cross country skiing suit.

15,80 €


What to wear under ski clothes?

It is advisable to wear long ski underwear under every type of ski clothing. For functional underwear, natural materials such as cotton, merino wool and cashmere are often used. In very cold weather, a climate-regulating functional shirt or a thin, warm fleece jacket can be worn on top. For warm feet, ski socks are worn under the trousers that extend over the calf.

What are the trends in ski fashion?

Skiers and snowboarders in ski fashion in strong colours
Best dressed on the slopes: Ski fashion in strong colours.

Ski fashion should offer high comfort on the slopes and look good at the same time. So the question of winter fashion trends is of equal concern to skiers and snowboarders. What will we wear? Which colours are trendy? The colour palette for winter 2019/2020 ranges from bright colours, which in addition to a particularly sporty look also guarantee safety, to retro looks and restrained tones, with a particular focus on naturalness and sustainability.

The history of ski clothes

Historical images of ski fashion
Ski suit for the lady, 1940 (left), winter sports clothing in winter 1937.

Around 1900, the pioneers of skiing stood on skis in knee breeches, turtleneck sweaters, jackets and fur caps made of wood. The most popular ski trousers of the thirties were knickerbockers and Norwegian trousers. To protect against wet feet, gaiters were worn over the leather boots. In the 40’s and 50’s, the stirrup trousers appeared in ski fashion. In addition one wore colorful anoraks with metal zipper or wool jackets. In the 70s, nylon fibres began their triumphal march. Strong, colourful colours dominate winter sports fashion. The cut was very narrow and body-hugging. In the ski fashion of the 80s and 90s, the one-piece ski overall was particularly popular.

Ski clothes made to measure

With the pattern construction by M.Müller & Sohn, ski suits can be produced in the usual ready-made sizes, but also ski clothing made to measure. Here you will find instructions for the pattern construction of various ski suits for ladies.

Ski suit 1 – ski jacket & ski pants

The instructions for the pattern construction of this ski suit can be found in Damen-Rundschau 12/2015. 

Technical drawing of a two-piece ski suit with hoodie jacket

  • Jacket with high-closing hood
  • Zipper in the front center
  • Flank seams in front and back part
  • Seam pockets with zipper
  • double seam sleeves
  • Higher waist in the back trousers
  • Snow guard on trouser leg
  • Reinforcing inserts at the knee
  • Zip fasteners on the side trouser leg

Ski suit 2 – ski jacket & ski pants

The instructions for the pattern construction of this ski suit can be found in Damen-Rundschau 12/2017. 

Technical drawing of a two-piece ski suit

  • Jacket with stand-up collar
  • Zipper in the center front
  • Dividing seams in front and back (horizontal & vertical)
  • Flap pockets with additional zipped pocket
  • One-piece sleeves
  • Higher waist in the back trousers
  • Decorative dividing seams in trouser leg (horizontal & vertical)
  • Snow guard on trouser leg
  • Zip fasteners on the side trouser leg

Cross Country Suit – Overall

The instruction for the pattern construction of this ski suit can be found in the e-dossier Pattern Making Cross Country Suit

Technical drawing of a one-piece cross-country skiing suit

  • Body hugging pattern
  • Short, close-fitting stand-up collar
  • Ergonomic dividing seams
  • Zipper in the center front up to the waist
  • Crotch gusset
  • Extra long sleeves

Cross Country Suit – Pattern

Fertiges Schnittmuster für einen Overall für Langlauf


PDF Download: Pattern Construction Equestrian Apparel - Part 2

pattern instructions for six different models of equestrian apparel for show jumping and equestrian sport riding.

15,80 €

You can find many more patterns for sewing sportswear and outdoor clothing in our online shop.




Product: M. Müller & Sohn - Schnittmuster - DOB - Skijacke
M. Müller & Sohn - Schnittmuster - DOB - Skijacke
In European Sizes 36 – 50. Printed pattern sheet or PDF download (depending on purchasing option).

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