Product: Schnittmuster KOB Blousonjacken
Schnittmuster KOB Blousonjacken
The pattern sheet contains two blouson jackets for children in sizes 98-140.

Pattern construction for children’s dungarees

Kinder Latzhose Schnittkonstruktion
Runway Inspiration: Latzhose by Rookies

The casual dungarees are very popular with children and parents. It is recommended that these trousers, which have to withstand many playground visits, be made of robust fabrics such as denim or twill. For comfort, it is advisable to choose a fabric with an elastane component. Even if the trousers have to be very durable, you should make sure that the fabric is comfortable to wear and free of harmful substances, because our little ones’ skin is very sensitive. When sewing children’s clothes you should pay special attention that all seams are sewn nice and flat. So that the children do not grow out of the trousers so quickly, the suspenders on the dungarees can be made adjustable with small metal buckles. The pattern construction shown here is using a size 110 as an example. An excerpt from the book KOB Schnittkonstruktion.

Kinder Latzhose Schnittkonstruktion

Pattern construction dungarees

1 Front Pants

Kinder Latzhose Schnittkonstruktion

The construction of the dungarees is based on a simple trouser pattern, loose fit without darts and with a relatively straight side seam. On a vertical line mark knee height, crotch length and side length. Shorten the trousers at hem 2 – 3 cm. Measure up 1/ 10 of the 1/2 hut + 3 cm from the crotch length to determine the hip height. At all points, square out lines to the right. At the hip line, measure the front trousers width + 1 cm allowance to the right and square up. Mark the front trouser gap diameter + 1 cm allowance to the right. Divide the entire distance in half and draw a perpendicular line up and down. Distribute 1/4 foot width minus 1 cm along the hem line from the center of the front trousers to both sides. Draw in the side seam and crotch seam as a straight line from hem to hip height. Mark in the side seam 0,5 cm at the waist and redraw. To prevent the dungarees from pulling at the crotch, the gap is set 1 cm deeper and 0.7 cm wider. Draw in a nicely curved seam as shown in the drawing. Redraw crotch seam from knee height to extension.

2 Back Pants

Trace the front pant pattern and extend the horizontal lines of the front pants on both sides. Measure 2 cm each to the left and right at hem and knee height. Draw in side and crotch seam up to the knee height. Measure 1/4 Hhbr + 0.5 – 1 cm at the hip line to the right from the center of the back pants. From here, mark the rear trouser width + 3 cm allowance to the left. Draw side seam from knee height to this point and continuously extend upwards. Measure from the side seam to the center of the back pants and mark this measurement from the centre to the right, to locate the position of the gap diameter. Draw in the nicely shaped crotch seam, equaling the length of the front crotch seam minus 0.5 cm for the stretch amount. At the side seam, measure  up 3 – 4 cm from the crotch level for the inclined position of the back pants. Draw the auxiliary line and slant the h.M. (center back). Square out from center back to draw in the waistline, as shown. Check all seam transitions, especially the transitions of the seat seam and slit seam and adjust and blend if necessary.

3 Dungarees / Bib Overall


Kinder Latzhose Schnittkonstruktion

Trace front and back pants. Continuously extend center back by the back length measurement. Square out neck measurement (here 4.9 cm) and raise by 1.5 cm. The position of the neck opening now shows the correct position for the straps. Draw the bib and straps in the back as shown. Extend the center front by the front length measurement (here 28.1). Mark the neck measurement (4.9 cm) down and to the right. Draw in straps and bib as shown.

4 Finished Pattern Pieces

Kinder Latzhose Schnittkonstruktion

Separate all pattern pieces from each other. Cut on the vent facing. Fold the straps together and extend them by 10 cm. Level out the seams. Specify the grainline.

Pattern blouson jacket for children

The pattern sheet contains two blouson jackets for children in sizes 98-140.

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You will find many more pattern instructions and finished patterns for sewing children’s clothing in our online shop.

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