Product: Download Pattern Construction Women: Equestrian Apparel 1
Download Pattern Construction Women: Equestrian Apparel 1
Pattern instructions for six different models of dressage equestrian apparel.

Pattern Construction Ski Suit

This article gives you an insight into the pattern construction of a ski jacket and a ski pants for women. You find this cutting technique in our journal Damen-Rundschau 12/2015.

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Ski Jacket

Template: Jacket pattern in size 38



• Bonded soft-shell fabric, wind & water resistant
• 3-ply functional membrane fabric or 2-ply functional fabric and multi-functional thermal lining.




Front and Back Pattern


Draft the basic block with 6 cm ease added to ½ of the chest girth and ½ of the waist girth, as well as 3 cm ease included in ½ of the hip girth measurement. Mark the length of the ski jacket at the centre back with 64 cm. Lower the neckline 1.5 cm at the centre front and 1 cm at the shoulder on the front pattern. On the back pattern, lower the neckline 1 cm at the shoulder and 0.5 cm at the centre back. Draw the front panel seam to the armhole and relocate the bust dart intake to the panel seam. Close the bust dart at the shoulder. Mark the front panel seam 1 cm above the front armhole notch and draw the curved seam line as shown in the illustration.

End the front panel seam 4 cm away from the side seam. Taper the front panel seam 2.5 cm at the waist. Mark the pocket 8 cm above the hem and 17 cm long. Trim the side panel 0.8 cm at the seam for the zipper width. Trim the centre front 0.5 cm for half the front zipper width. Draw the back panel seam over the back waist dart and end the seam 0.5 cm above the back armhole notch. Draw the seam line curved to the hem, ending 13.5 cm from the side seam as shown in the illustration. Taper the back panel seam 3 cm at the waist.




Draft the sleeve pattern with 62 cm sleeve length, 31.5 cm upper arm width, 28.5 cm elbow width and 26 cm hem width. Mark the sleeve cap height 16.75 cm.


The hood has a length of 31.0 cm and a width of 26.0 cm. The hood shape is without Darts but with centre panel. Mark half of the centre panel 5.0 cm wide at the neckline and 5.5 cm wide at the front. Raise the centre panel 0.5 cm at the centre back and draw the curved hood neckline. Mark the centre front 8.5 cm wide.



Front Pattern


Draw the pocket bag 15.5 cm long on the front pattern and 16.3 cm long on the side panel pattern which includes the zipper width. Draw the pocket facing 4 cm wide.


Finished Pattern Pieces

Trace a copy of all pattern pieces.





Ski Pants




Finished Pattern Pieces

Copy all finished pattern pieces.




Product: Download Pattern Construction Men: Chef Jackets
Download Pattern Construction Men: Chef Jackets
Instructions for the pattern construction of four different chef jackets

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  1. Where can I buy this ski jacket and pant pattern?

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    1. Hello, you can order the issue with the instructions for the pattern construction of both skiing suits thru our customer service:

      The instruction for the pattern construction of the cross country suit can be found in the e-dossier Pattern Making Cross Country Suit:

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