Product: Download: Pattern Making Men’s Suit Jackets

Download: Pattern Making Men’s Suit Jackets

In this reference book you will find instructions for the pattern construction of suit jackets for men (basic and model pattern) as well as occasion wear such as dinner jackets, cutaways, dress coats and tailcoats (new edition 2023).
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The newly published reference books »Pattern Making Men’s Suit Jackets« includes classic menswear styles, sporty suit jackets and slimline silhouettes. These are presented in detail in terms of pattern making. These instructions can be used to create patterns for any man who values a well-fitting suit jacket. Detailed instructions deepen your pattern-making expertise so that you can quickly create a customised pattern and be inspired to develop new styles.

The various basics of pattern construction for suit jackets and important aspects of processing, e.g. for pockets or collars, are discussed in a practice-orientated way. All basic pattern blocks without seam allowances can be easily adapted to company-specific production conditions and sewn accordingly. But the traditional pattern contruction with seam allowances is also explained.

This book is a tried and tested reference guide for tailors and pattern makers in crafts and industry. All contributions are based on the world’s leading pattern making system according to M. Müller & Sohn. They are described in detail in the text and explained using technical drawings so that they are also accessible to users of other systems.

Instructions are shown for pattern construction of basic pattern blocks and design patterns for classic suit jackets and occasion wear for men’s clothing. The pattern can be made to measure or in ready-to-wear sizes. The creation of the patterns is shown in the book on a scale of 1:6. You can draw the finished pattern pieces for the new garment in original size on paper and later sew them from fabric for a trial fit.

With a bespoke men’s jacket, every gentleman is well dressed. Different patterns and variations as well as an individual choice of fabrics allow every man to find the right garment for him.

315 pages
First edition (2023)

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