Product: Schnittmuster DOB Yogahosen
Schnittmuster DOB Yogahosen
In sizes 36-48

How to Sew an Infinity Dress

Infinity Dress auf dem Laufsteg
Inspiration Runway: Infinity Dress by Giambattista Valli.

One dress – 70 different looks. With its numerous binding options, the simple Infinity dress is an infinitely beautiful all-rounder for every festive occasion.

Tragevarianten des Infinity Dress
With its numerous binding options, the Infinity Dress is a beautiful all-rounder for festive occasions.

Nowadays, multifunctionality and individuality are written in capital letters. And it’s precisely thanks to these features that the convertible maxi dress is currently enjoying the highest popularity on the market. The extra long straps leave plenty of room for draping the top. The elastic fabric nestles flatteringly around every figure. This model is preferably chosen for bridesmaids, so that they are dressed “from the same mould”, but still varied. Even as a permanent guest at weddings or other festivities, this design will keep you fashionably dressed for quite a while.

The choice of fabric is particularly important for this model. The stretch material must not be too transparent and must have a nice fall. All kinds of thin jersey fabrics with a small amount of elastane (approx. 5 percent) are best suited. So that the skirt falls more fluently and does not stick to the legs, the production of a half-long petticoat from fine lining material is recommended.

Infinity Dress – Pattern

Schnittmuster für das Infinity Dress

Skirt in semicircle shape. The picture shows half of the skirt. The pattern piece is to be used for the front and back skirt. The side seam is straight, the centre front and centre back are diagonal. Depending on skirt length, fabric width, weave and fabric pattern, the skirt can also be worked with only one seam.

Skirt Construction

  • Draw a long vertical.
  • 1 – 2  1/3 waist girth + 1/2 waist girth (width for gathering) minus 1,5 cm. For a smooth waist ring 1/3 waist girth minus 1 cm.
  • 2 – 3  wanted skirt length, here: 110 cm. From 1 draw an angle line to the right. Make circular arcs from points 2 and 3.
  • 4 and 5 are at an angle.
  • 2 – 4 Check the width of the waist ring. 1/2 waist girth + keep distance of 1/4 waist girth.
  • 6  Half of 2 – 4.
  • 7  Draw the centre front and centre back from 1 to 6. Check lengths 2 – 3 and 4 – 5 for length equality.

Dress waistband

  • Draw a rectangle for the waistband with the measurements of the waist girth and the wanted waistband width. The top edge of the waistband is in the break. Alternatively, the waistband can also be constructed with the hip measurement and processed with a rubber so that no zipper is necessary and you can enter the skirt from below.

Dress straps

  • Determine the beam width, here: 26 cm. Make sure that the girder covers the bust width generously. For the various binding variants, a beam length of 3 metres is recommended.

Sewing instructions: Infinity Dress

Close side seams of skirt, keep waist width with a large stitch. Turn the straps down and first attach them to the skirt with safety pins for an optimum fit, to test an optimum fit for the different binding variants. Sew waistband and straps to the waist ring so that it is covered by the straps. The straps are slightly overlapped in the area of the front centre and extend slightly beyond the side seams to the back. If desired, cups can be worked into the straps. Because of the diagonal thread line, skirts should always be hung out a little. Measure the skirt length afterwards and adjust if necessary. Hem the skirt hem with a rolled hem.

PDF Download: Pattern Making Evening Dresses

In this e-dossier you find instructions for the pattern construction of for different evening dresses.

15,80 €

You can find many other cutting instructions and patterns for sewing dresses in our online shop.

Product: Schnittmuster DOB Kleid und Jumpsuit
Schnittmuster DOB Kleid und Jumpsuit
A dress for the civil wedding and a one-piece suit in sizes 36-46.

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