Product: Download Book Women Oktoberfest Dirndl
Download Book Women Oktoberfest Dirndl
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Dress with draping Shoulder Pattern

This photo shows a model walking on the catwalk. She´s wearing a blazer. It´s the template for the pattern on the pattern sheet.(Photo Credit: (c)Hirokazu OHARA2016)


The pattern sheet „Dress with draping Shoulder“ contains one design in size 36 to 46. The technical drawing as well as the detailed description and measurement chart will help you gain insight of the pattern.

In addition, we propose suitable fabrics and if necessary further processing instructions. The calculation of material consumption helps you to obtain a suitable material.



The Design

(Photo Credit: Technical Drawing S. Lindner)


Details of the dress

  • with draping shoulder
  • dividing seam on the front pattern including slit
  • 2 darts on the back pattern
  • seam at the centre back
  • asymmetrical straps at front and back pattern


Size Chart

Die Abbildung zeigt die Größentabellen von dem fertigen Schnittmuster eines Kleids für Damen von Müller und Sohn.


Pattern Pieces

The photo shows the pattern pieces of a dress with shoulder draping. The pattern is available on the pattern sheet.


Fabric Consumption in m

(at a fabric width of 1,40 m)

  • Size 36:    1,45 m
  • Size 38:    1,45 m
  • Size 40:    1,45 m
  • Size 42:    1,45 m
  • Size 44:    1,50 m
  • Size 46:    1,50 m

The fabric consumption is only calculated for the shown pattern pieces.


Product: Download M. Müller & Sohn - Book - Women - Metric Pattern Making - Dresses and Blouses
Download M. Müller & Sohn - Book - Women - Metric Pattern Making - Dresses and Blouses
Download: Metric Patternmaking for Dresses & Blouses

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