Product: Pattern Making Bra and Panty
Pattern Making Bra and Panty
Instruction for the pattern making of a Seamless Bra as well as a Panty.

Pattern Construction for 4 Casual Jackets



Casual jackets made from stretch fabrics like Jersey are popular because of their comfort, not only for classic styles but also for sportive designs. The cuts are designed for unlined jackets with patch pockets and few seams to achieve a clean look on the inside. Ease allowances and sleeve patterns are optimized for the stretch of the material. Shoulder pads and sleeve fish are not needed.

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Jersey Jacket

Template: Basic Jacket Block, HR 6/2011,

Technische Zeichnung einer Casual Jacket Vorder- und Rückansicht.(Photo Credit: Technical drawing A. Sextl)
  • Two buttons
  • Narrow lapel collar
  • Patch pockets
  • Elbow patches
  • Back vent
  • Length 72 cm



Design Pattern and Collar

Die Abbildung zeigt die Schnittkonstruktion eines Vorderteils und eines Rückenteil von einer Casual Jacke.

Draw the front waist dart. Mark the dart middle line 1/10 of the abdomen width away from the midpoint of the front. Draw the dart middle line perpendicular to the hemline. Draw the front waist dart with 2 cm dart intake. Do not cut the dart intake open but press the intake to one side instead for the unlined construction. Extend the sideseam slightly at the waist to make up for the additional intake at the waist dart. Draw the new sideseam. Mark the closing button 4 cm above the waist and add 1.5 cm overlap parallel to the centre front. Draw a perpendicular line to the hem as a guideline for the front edge. The guideline does not have to meet the centre front at the hem. Mark the lower button 11 cm below the closing button. Draw the cut-away front edge as shown in the illustration. Mark the buttonholes 1.5 cm away from the front edge. Extend the shoulder seam 2 cm to the left.

Mark the begin of the lapel break and draw the lapel as shown in the illustration. Measure the back neckline for the construction of the felt under collar. Extend the lapel break upwards and transfer the back neckline length minus 0.5 cm from the neck point to the extended lapel break. Square out to the right from this point. The collar for this casual jacket has less stand and therefore requires less deduction for the collar roll. Along the perpendicular line, measure 1.3 cm for the collar roll (reduced amount for the long lapel) and 2.5 cm for the collar stand to the right. Draw the collar seam to the neckline and draw the collar back perpendicular to the collar seam. Complete the collar shape as shown.

Draw the patch pockets with the rounded corners according to the illustration. Mark the position of the side patch pocket on the original pocket entry of the basic jacket block. Mark the pocket 2 cm in front of the new waist dart. Draw the back vent 21 cm long and add 4 cm for the vent facing and underlap. Mark the vent stitching line 3 cm away from the centre back. Mark the grainline along the lower part of the centre back. Mark the grainline on the side pattern perpendicular to the hem. Mark the grainline on the front pattern along the dart middle line.




Schntittechnik eines Ärmels für eine Jacke-

Draw the hem on the upper sleeve straight. Blend the sleeve seamlines. Draw the elbow patch as shown. Mark the grainlines perpendicular to the elbow line.




Jacket with Knit Collar

Template: Basic Casual Jacket Block, HR 6/2011

Technische Zeichnung einer Jacke mit Stickkragen Vorder- und Rückansicht.(Photo Credit: Technical drawing A. Sextl)
  • Four buttons
  • Wide knit shawl collar
  • Patch pockets with inverted pleats and pocket flaps
  • Shoulder yoke
  • Back vent and back belt
  • Length 76 cm




Jacket with Stand-up Collar

Template: Basic Slim Jacket Block , HR 8-9/2015

Technische Zeichnungen von einem Sakko mit Stehkragen.(Photo Credit: Technical drawing A. Sextl)
  • Three buttons
  • Attached stand-up collar
  • Slanted yokeSlanted welt pockets
  • Sleeve with slit and cuff
  • Back vent
  • Length 76 cm



Jacket Coat

Template: Basic Slim Jacket Block in Size 50, HR 8-9/2015,

echnische Zeichnung eines Jersey Mantels Vorder- und Rückansicht.(Photo Credit: Technical drawing A. Sextl)
  • Three buttons
  • Narrow lapel collar
  • Shifted shoulder seam
  • Patch pockets
  • Chest pocket
  • Back vent
  • Length 94 cm





Pattern Order

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44 – 60, 23 – 31 and 88 -114. Price for one size: 30,- E (plus postage).

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