Product: Download Pattern Construction Women: Coats
Download Pattern Construction Women: Coats
Instruction for the pattern making of four coats

Sleeve with Gathered Seam

Geraffte Ärmel an Blusen und Kleidern auf dem Laufsteg
Inspiration Runway: Gathered Sleeves at Zimmermann and Versace.

Blouses and dresses with pleats and gathers are the latest fashion trend and can be seen everywhere on the catwalks. Decent gathers on the sleeves are a sophisticated eye-catcher that give the look a casual update. In this article you will learn how to construct the gathers in a double seam sleeve.

Bluse mit gerafftem Ärmel

Pattern Construction for Gatherings in the Sleeve

This article is an exerpt from the book Metric Patternmaking for Dresses & Blouses.

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Pattern Construction for Sleeve with Gatherings
Double seam sleeves with incision line for Gatherings
  • Relocate the sleeve dart to the elbow line. Draw the cutting lines as shown in the illustration.
Pattern Construction for Sleeve with Gatherings
Sleeves with gathered width in the lower seam area.
  • Slash and spread the sleeve pieces at least 2 cm each cutting line at the overarm seam, depending on preference and fabric. Overlap the back sleeve pieces at the dart end point to reduce the dart intake. Remove the remaining dart intake at the overarm seam. Blend the seam lines.
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Pattern instructions and patterns for sewing dresses and blouses with statement sleeves can be found in our online shop.

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Download Book Men Fundamentals Menswear
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