Product: Pattern Making Blousons
Pattern Making Blousons
Instructions for the pattern construction of four different blousons jackets.

Pattern Construction of Windbreaker for Men

Windbreaker Jacken auf dem Laufsteg
Inspiration Runway: Windbreaker by Dunhill und Dada.

It’s officially autumn and we’re greeting the cold season with breathable, wind- and waterproof jackets. Whether sporty, functional with hoods and technical details or cool and oversized for a casual look windbreaker jackets resist wind, rain and protect us from unpredictable weather. The sporty models are fitted and suitable for functional materials such as softshells or water-repellent fabrics. The oversized models in colour block design are reinforced with a cotton liner and play a huge role in the young streetwear as well as the on ski slope this season.

Pattern Making Windbreaker for Men

Instructions for the pattern construction of four different windbreaker jackets for men.

15,80 €

Pattern Construction for Windbreaker

Grundschnitt für eine Windbreaker Jacke für Herren

Front and back pattern are drafted in one. The patterns are identical except for the neckline and the shoulder position. The sleeve is combined with the bodice when drafting. The measurement chart is designed for a regular width. Additions for larger models can be varied. You will find the complete instructions for the pattern construction of the basic pattern block for the Windbreaker for men in the e-dossier Pattern Making Windbreaker. Also in the E-Dossier: hooded jacket with zippers, asymmetrical hooded jacket, basic pattern block for a oversized jacket, retro anorak, oversized ski jacket. Two of this jackets can also be drafted as a pullover jacket.

Hooded Windbreaker Jacket with two Zippers

Kapuzenjacke mit Reißverschlüsse

Asymmetrical Windbreaker

Kapuzenjacke mit schrägem Reißverschluss

Retro Anorak

Anorak im Retro-Stil

Oversized Ski Jacket

Oversize Jacke für Herren


Patternmaking Techniques Jeans-Basics for Men

instructions for the pattern construction

15,80 €

Many more pattern instructions and patterns for sewing jackets can be found in our online shop.

Product: Tailormade Fashion – Jacket Sketches
Tailormade Fashion – Jacket Sketches
Tailormade Fashion – Jacket Sketches

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