Product: Pattern Traditional Jacket Double-Breasted

Pattern Traditional Jacket Double-Breasted

In European sizes 48 to 60. Format: Printed Pattern Sheet // Download PDF (depending on purchasing option)
22,00 €
Austria: 22,00 € Suisse: 25,00 CHF International: 22,00 €
Sales tax included. | TOC
28,00 €
Austria: 28,00 € Suisse: 39,00 CHF International: 28,00 €
Sales tax and postage included. | TOC

The pattern contains a double-breasted traditional jacket for men in the sizes 48 to  60.

  • Vienna seams in the back
  • Cross seam with center slit
  • length: 72cm
  • with lining cut
  • Lapel with decorative button
  • curved piping pockets

Important note on content:
The pattern does not include detailed sewing instructions. Lining parts and receipts must be copied out yourself.

Note on the download product:
This pattern has a size of 99 x 70 cm (original size). The download PDF can be printed out in the copy shop of your choice.

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