Product: Pattern Pleated Trousers Basic Block

Pattern Pleated Trousers Basic Block

In sizes 44 to 58. Printed Pattern Sheet // Download PDF (depending on purchasing option)
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The pattern contains a basic block for a pleated trousers for men in sizes 44 to 58.

Details of the Trousers:

  • Straight leg
  • Pleat
  • Attached waistband
  • Trousers pockets can be designed as you like

General information:

The pattern already contains those in crasmanship usual seam allowances from 0.75 cm. The seam allowance is not included at the centre back, the darts, at the hem and waistband. The pattern offers a correct fit and contains in hip height an ease of about 4.5 cm.

Important note on content:
The pattern does not contain detailed sewing instructions. Lining parts and receipts must be copied out yourself.
Note on the download product:
This pattern has a size of 99 x 70 cm (original size). The download PDF can be printed out in the copy shop of your choice.