Product: M. Müller & Sohn Magazine 01-02.2020

M. Müller & Sohn Magazine 01-02.2020

Professional magazine for fashion and pattern making // Maternity wear + baby clothes // Tambour embroidery // Collar variations // Men's tailoring as UNESCO cultural heritage
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The magazine specialized in fashion and pattern making is issued ten times a year as a turnaround edition with topics on women’s and men’s fashion. The magazine is available in english language as a download. Each issue of the M. Müller & Sohn magazine contains an enclosed sewing pattern.

On the ladies fashion pages you will find the most beautiful blouses of the season as a great inspiration for new designs. Afterwards we introduce the fashion label “I’VR” of the Berlin based designer Isabel Vollrath. With her sculptural looks she moves between fashion and elegance, art and poetry. A detailed step-by-step instruction for a tambourine embroidery you can find in the following article. This traditional embroidery technique is realized by stretching a piece of fabric tightly into a frame. In the pattern technique, Jasmin Clausen shows the pattern construction for a pregnancy dress with leggings and shirt, as well as various pieces of baby clothing. Afterwards you can read about the interesting history of maternity wear. On the enclosed pattern chart you find two bow tie blouses.

On the men’s fashion pages you will find inspiring styles with particularly unusual collars. Statement collars will be in the focus of fashion in the coming season. Afterwards you can get to know the fashion label “The Coatress” by Manuela Leis from Berlin in an interview. The tailor and men’s tailor has specialized in the production of coats. On the following pages you can read that “The Men’s Tailors” want to have their profession as a cultural creating and preserving craft recognized by UNESCO as cultural heritage. In the pattern technique Alexander Sextl shows the pattern construction for different collar shapes on men`s jackets and shirts. In fashion, women have succeeded in freeing themselves from common gender clichés over the past decades. Besides, the man in his suit looks like a prisoner. To find out if he will finally be able to break out in 2020, read from page 2. Find out how a tailor’s workshop become a small concept store and thus generate additional income with a selection of finely curated products, on the last pages.

The enclosed pattern contains two bow tie blouses (in sizes 36 – 46). The pattern sheet has a format of 99,0 x 70,0 cm and can be printed at your preferred copy shop.

This issue contains 60 pages.

An overview of the topics (ladies)

Designer Look

I’VR – Isabel Vollrath

Tambour embroidery

Pattern Techniques
Maternity wear + baby clothing

History of maternity fashion

Tips from the editors
Movie-, TV- & Book recommendations

Business directory


An overview of the topics (men)

Designer Look

The Coatdress – Manuela Leis

Craft + Industry
Tailoring as UNESCO cultural heritage

Pattern Techniques
Collar variations for jacket and shirt

The year of the new manhood

In Focus
More than fashion