Product: M. Müller & Sohn Magazine 05-06.2024

M. Müller & Sohn Magazine 05-06.2024

Professional Magazine for Fashion and Pattern Making //Women´s denim pants // Men´s light chinos and pleated pants // Women's flounce skirt pattern
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The specialized magazine for fashion and cutting techniques is published six times a year as a reversible magazine featuring topics on both women’s and men’s fashion. The magazine is available in both print and digital formats. Each issue of M. Müller & Sohn includes an attached pattern.

On the Designer Look pages of women’s fashion, we showcase denim-themed models and explore particularly sophisticated designs across all product categories within the indigo-dyed universe. Following this, we profile Johann Ruttloff, a self-taught jeans specialist who has become one of Germany’s most renowned denim experts. Starting on page 10, we present the »Lingerie Pattern Construction« seminar led by expert Dorothé Klotz, which will be offered at our fashion school. Under the »Briefly Presented» section, we feature the brand »frank.« by designer Lynn Joana Witzel, who uses a highly creative approach to combat mass consumption and advocate for the protection of people and the planet.

In the pattern technique section, we continue with the denim theme, showcasing three models based on a basic jeans pattern: a barrel, a Marlene, and a bootcut jeans. We also revisit the characteristics of a classic 5-pocket jeans. Starting on page 29, we are taken on a special journey as Berit and Nici share their experiences as itinerant tailors. Technically, we round off this issue with the topic of the curved welt pocket.

On the Designer Look pages of men’s fashion, we focus on the theme of protection. Protection wear offers much inspiration and is present on the runways. We have identified three major areas: designs responding to extreme conditions, the craft sector, and the segment where subtle elements of workwear appear in the looks.

We report on the Viennese bespoke tailor Michael Possanner starting on page 8, uncovering the secret behind his »Viennese style,« which is renowned far beyond Vienna’s borders. We then delve into the pattern techniques for summery chinos and pleated trousers. We feature four models: a pleated chino with a partially covered button placket, a baggy chino, a baggy chino without side seams, and an asymmetrical pleated trouser with a belt detail.

An in-depth interview with Bernhard Roetzel, a renowned expert on men’s fashion and bespoke tailoring, provides valuable insights into his thoughts on tradition, innovation, and the influence of fashion.

The attached pattern includes three flounce skirts in sizes 36 to 50. This issue consists of 68 pages.

Women’s Fashion Topics at a Glance:

Designer Look

  • Denim Everywhere


  • Ruttloff Jeans


  • Seminar: Lingerie Pattern Construction

Briefly Presented

  • frank.

Pattern Technique

  • Jeans

In Focus

  • On the Walz


  • Curved Welt Pocket

Industry Directory


Pattern Sheet

  • Flounce Skirts for Women

Men’s Fashion Topics at a Glance:

Designer Look

  • Protection Wear


  • Michael Possanner

Pattern Technique

  • Light Chinos and Pleated Trousers

Editor’s Tips

  • Dates, Books, and TV Recommendations


  • Bernhard Roetzel


Sale Campaign


  • Editor’s Pick