Construct sleeves with flounce

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You can find more articles on flounces and plate patterns in the Rundschau für Internationale Damenmode 1-2/2016


PDF Download: Pattern Making Women's Sleeve Variations

In this e-dossier, you will find instruction on pattern construction for seven different sleeve variations for women.

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Plate / flounce construction

Technische Zeichnung und die Schnittkonstruktion der Aufstellung eines Tellerärmels ist zu sehen


Close the darts in the back sleeve seam. Trim hem 12 cm. Measure the sleeve hem width. Construct inner circle with radius (r) = shw/(2*pi) = 4.96 cm. Measure plate length all around with 12 cm (corresponds to sleeve shortening) and join into squares.


Pattern Little Black Dress for Women

In European Sizes 36 – 50. Printed pattern sheet or PDF download (depending on purchasing option).

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Delivery Time: 2-3 Werktage

You can find many more cutting instructions and ready-made patterns for sewing women’s fashion in our online shop.

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