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M. Müller & Sohn – aimed at fashion designers to support their visions with tailor-made expertise. The professional magazine for women’s and men’s fashion is published six times a year, alongside with numerous specialist and tutorial books for everyone who specializes in the production of fashion. The basis of all content is the worldwide used and recognized cutting system of M. Müller & Sohn. Our textbooks and specialist information are also translated into English, Russian and Persian.

Fashion matters to the world. Although trends may come and go, a perfect cut will remain. This is our asset!

The readers of M. Müller & Sohn appreciate the cutting system according to proportional calculation, which is easily applicable to the most diverse body deviations. The M. Müller & Sohn system is constantly being developed and has ensured the clothing industry masterful product quality for over 100 years. The contents of the magazine vary from articles and tips on processing, made-to-measure production and exclusive fashion trends to design, company portraits, trade fairs and articles on training and further education.

The leading professional journal for fashion, cutting technology and processing in the fields of women’s outerwear, men’s outerwear and women’s outerwear is published ten times a year. Each issue contains a printed pattern sheet in addition to the technical part. Starting with our issue 01/02.2020, the entire issue will also be available for download in English.


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Facts & Figures

The magazine M. Müller & Sohn appears with 6 issues per year. Each issue contains a printed pattern sheet.


The readers

Our readers are clothing engineers, clothing and production technicians, production managers, editing directors, editing technicians, model makers, fashion designers, made-to-measure garment makers, predominantly self-employed people from fashion and design studios and made-to-measure tailors. Our subscribers also include specialist fabric shops, academies and universities of in the field of fashion design and production.