Product: Pattern Basic Vest Block for Men

Pattern Basic Vest Block for Men

In European sizes 44-58. Printed Pattern Sheet // Download PDF (depending on purchasing option)
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Austria: 22,00 € Suisse: 24,20 CHF International: 22,00 €
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Austria: 28,00 € Suisse: 39,00 CHF International: 28,00 €
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The pattern contains a basic block for a vest for men in sizes 44 to 58.

Details of the vest:

  • vest with darts
  • additional front part with vienna seam

General Information:

The basic block already contains the seam allowances of 0.75 cm at armhole, side seam and shoulder, which are usual for handicraft processing. On all the others seam allowance is included on all other edges and seams. The basic vest block offers a correct fit and includes a fullness of approx. 4.0 cm at chest height.

Important note on content:
The pattern does not include detailed sewing instructions. Lining parts and facings must be copied out yourself.

Note on the download product:
This pattern has a size of 99 x 70 cm (original size). The download PDF can be printed out in the copy shop of your choice.