Product: Pattern Making Two-Piece Sets

Pattern Making Two-Piece Sets

Perfectly dressed in our stylish two-piece sets: This E-Dossier contains instructions for the pattern construction of five tops and three bottoms (skirts and pants), which can be combined individually.
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Two-piece sets always look stylish – while sparing you the question of which top goes with what kind of bottom.The outfits consist of a top and pants / skirt, both usually made out of the same fabric. Feel free to use some colour – 2020 will be popping! A wide variety of fabric choices enables you to design two-piece sets that are both suitable for everyday outfits as well as festive occasions.

We show you five tops and three bottom parts to combine. The skirts and pants are waist-high cuts to emphasize the slimmest part of the body and create a flattering silhouette. The upper parts vary in length. They can either end right above the trousers or the skirt or a few inches above the waist.

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