Product: Pattern Making Historical Children’s Clothing

Pattern Making Historical Children’s Clothing

In this e-dossier you will find instructions for the pattern construction of historical children’s Clothing.
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In this e-dossier you will find instructions for constructing eight different patterns for historical children’s clothing.


Wide coat with roll collar

  • Symmetrical front and back pattern with centre inverted pleat
  • Yoke to centre edge, on fold with shoulder seam
  • Pelerine set into the neck hole, with 8 decorative straps
  • Blouse collar with straight-edged collar stand
  • Puffed sleeves with two deep pleats
  • Long cuffs
  • Model length centre back: 100.5 cm


  • Head part, centre on fold with 5 decorative folds to the back of the head circle, sewn on binding tape and canopy umbrella
  • Occipital circle
  • Veil with inverted pleat and fold
  • Ornamental edge with matching fold to the veil
  • Binding tape for fixing the bonnet
  • Decorative bow

Pelerine coat

  • Two pelerines in different lengths
  • Two-piece sleeves with high turned down Cuff
  • Turn down collar with collar stand
  • Laterally turned up skirt parts
  • Model length c. B.: 86.0 cm

Historical Boy’s Shirt

  • Straight cut shirt
  • Ruffled back with yoke
  • Decorative closure with placket, embroidered eyelets, cord
  • Sleeves with flat cap, continuous box pleat,frilled hem with stretch slit and cuff
  • Collar with collar stand, sewn on lace application at the collar edge


  • Historic breeches / breeches with buttoned bib
  • Pocket on bib
  • Front & back trousers with closed darts, the back trousers are unlocked at the inseam
  • Waistband at c. B. with shortened corners

Sleeveless shirt

  • Sleeveless
  • Stand-up collar with wrap-around
  • Buttoned slit at the centre back
  • Slits in side seams
  • Length c. B.: 41.0 cm

Sailor jacket

  • Straight sailor jacket
  • Wide V-neck through sailor collar
  • Straight sleeve
  • Piped pockets in the front
  • Waist strap on the back
  • Stitched borders on sleeves and sailor collar
  • Closed by hook and eyelet
  • Double row optics
  • Model length on c. B.: 45.0 cm

Sailor trousers

  • Knee length
  • Lateral slits
  • Zipper in left side seam
  • Straight waistband
  • Pockets back trousers
  • Round pockets front trousers
  • Length SS: 56.0 cm + 3.0 cm waistband

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