Product: Download: Pattern Making Dresses

Download: Pattern Making Dresses

In this reference book you will find a variety of basic blocks and design developments for different dresses. A variety of necklines, collar shapes, sleeve types and other dart and seam variations will inspire you to develop new creations. (First edition 2021)
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This reference book »pattern making dresses« contains basic blocks and design developments of dresses in various versions and for a wide range of occasions. Whether shirt dresses, casual dresses, retro dresses, business dresses, traditional dresses and evening dresses with different necklines, there is something here for every need and every size. The pattern for a perfectly fitting dress with the optimum fit can be constructed, transferred to the fabric and sewn.

In addition to variations in the pattern of dresses from slim sizes to large sizes, technical specialities are presented for perfect-fit pattern for various figure deviations, right up to special custom-made designs. A wide variety of neckline and sleeve versions are also covered. In addition, we show the installation of darts as well as pinch and seam variations. You can use the patterns as a basis or as an extension and inspiration for your own further developments. We will show instructions for basic blocks of dresses with different fits. The pattern can be made to measure or in ready-to-wear size. The instructions for the constructions of the patterns are shown in the book in a 1:6 scale, can be drawn in original size on the paper and later sewn in fabric for a test fit to achieve a perfect fit. The articles are described in detail and are based on the M. Müller & Sohn pattern system, which has been at the forefront worldwide since 1891 due to its particularly precise pattern construction.

232 pages

Format: 21.0 cm x 29.7 cm

First edition (2021)

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