Product: Pattern Flared Trousers for Women

Pattern Flared Trousers for Women

In European Sizes 36 – 50. Printed pattern sheet or PDF download (depending on purchasing option).
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The pattern includes four flared trousers for women in European sizes 36 – 50.

Details of the flared jeans:

  • Tight jeans with classic jeans details
  • Waistband edge 3.0 cm below waist line
  • Waistband with belt loops
  • Front trousers with double yoke
  • Classic fly
  • Slash pockets
  • Back trousers with classic yoke pattern
  • Back trouser pattern with patch pockets
  • Flared hem from knee line onwards

Details oft he flared leggings:

  • Tight trousers with stretch pull-off
  • upper edge waist high
  • upper edge with folded-in elastic band
  • Front trousers with lengthwise dividing seams and vents
  • Plain back trouser pattern
  • hem clearly flared from knee line onwards
  • Stretch deduction 8% crosswise and 5% lengthwise

Details oft he flared business trousers:

  • Trousers with slightly relaxed fit
  • 0 cm wide built-up waistband
  • Classic fly with additional button fly
  • Front trousers with darts and piped pockets
  • Back trouser pattern with two darts each
  • Back trouser pattern with left piped pocket
  • 7/8 length
  • Moderately flared hem from knee line onwards
  • Slits at side seam

Details of the classic flared trousers:

  • Regular fit trousers
  • Waistband high
  • Waistband with belt loops
  • Classic fly
  • Front trousers with square welt pockets
  • Back trouser pattern with darts and welt pockets
  • Narrow leg
  • Moderately flared hem from knee line onwards

Important notes on content:

The pattern sheet measures 99.0 x 77.0 cm and is printed on both sides. The respective pattern pieces are organized stacked and overlapping in sizes 36 – 50. They can be copied out in the desired size with transparent pattern paper.

On the pattern sheet you will find an overview of the individual pattern pieces and the number of blanks, a measurement chart for choosing the right size, the fabric consumption, and a legend for the abbreviations.

The pattern does not contain detailed sewing instructions. Processing instructions are occasionally placed on the pattern sheet. The pattern pieces for lining, facings and interlining must be copied out independently if not available. The pattern pieces do not contain seam allowances, these must be marked out by hand.

Note on the download product:

This pattern has a format of 99.0 x 70.0 cm (original size). The download PDF can be printed out at your local copy shop. It is also possible to print out the pattern yourself at home. To ensure that the scale is retained and no errors occur, the page adjustment “Poster” must be selected when printing. When printing, there will be a total of 30 DIN A4 pages for the entire pattern sheet, which can be glued together at the edges.

You can also find this pattern sheet in our magazine M. Müller & Sohn 09.2023.