Product: Hardcover Book: Metric Patternmaking for Jackets & Coats

Hardcover Book: Metric Patternmaking for Jackets & Coats

Pattern Constructions for Ladies' Fashion - Pattern for Jackets and Coats with sleeve / bodice combinations.
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This book is a comprehensive and systematic guide to pattern drafting for ladies fashion with exceptional illustrations and step-by-step instructions how to develop patterns for jackets and coats with accuracy regardless of their complexity.

The renowned patternmaking system M. Müller & Sohn with its centruries-old tradition and expertise has been updated to modern standards. Detailed instructions are given for dart manipulation, complex shaping seams, collars and hoods. In-depth information for pattern adjustments for different figure proportions are also included.

Page Count: 178 Pages
Format: 24,0 cm x 33,0 cm
First English Edition (2008)