Product: M. Müller & Sohn Magazine 06.2020

M. Müller & Sohn Magazine 06.2020

Professional Magazine for Fashion and Pattern Making /// Plus Size Pants /// T-Shirts /// Swimming trunks /// Cycling Wear & Backpack
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The magazine specialized in fashion and pattern making is issued ten times a year as a turnaround edition with topics on women’s and men’s fashion. The magazine is available in english language as a download. Each issue of the M. Müller & Sohn magazine contains an enclosed sewing pattern

This time the ladies fashion pages are dedicated to the wonderful topic of trousers. Whether Wide Leg, Palazzo, Paperbag or Slouchy Pants: For some seasons we have seen pants with especially wide trouser legs everywhere on the catwalks. This season, trouser shapes are becoming even more varied.

Afterwards, Sophie Plautz talks about her work on four wheels as a costume tailor for the Roncalli circus. In the cutting technique we give instructions on how to cut casual trousers in large sizes. Plus Size trousers require special attention at some construction points. We show the basic cut in and three more pants for Curvy Girls.

Weganool, which is made of 100 percent animal-friendly, vegan wool and what makes this new fabric so special is told to us by the founders of the children’s fashion label Infantium Victoria Julia Gaydina and Dinie van den Heuvel in an interview starting on page 26.

The men’s fashion pages show sporty fashion with function: jogging pants with galoshes, shorts, casual blousons, polo shirts, windbreakers. Fashion with elements from sportswear. In the following article, we look at the survival of the fashion industry during and after the Corona crisis. Covid-19 puts pressure on the international economy and threatens livelihoods not only in the fashion industry. The handling of the virus and its consequences has many approaches: Some are pushing digitalization and see it as a new opportunity. Others see the virus as a consequence of our reckless treatment of the planet and are working on sustainable solutions. On page 9 you will find industry opinions on the topic of the Corona crisis. This time, it’s going to be sporty in the cut technique: In this issue you will find instructions for the construction of basic cuts and model cuts for a backpack, two jerseys for cycling and three different swim trunks. Finally, Karl-Heinz Zonbergs devotes himself to the discussion about the pros and cons of customized clothing in men’s tailoring studios. The impetus for this was provided by the large number of made-to-measure garments during the German men’s fashion show at the World Congress in Verona.

The enclosed pattern contains four T-shirts for ladies (in sizes 36 – 46).

This issue contains 60 pages.

The topics (ladies) at a glance:

Designer Look

  • Pants – so wide, so good!

Stage + Costume

  • Sophie Plautz – Circus Roncalli

Pattern Technique

  • Plus Size Pants


  • Weganool

Editorial Team’s Tips

  • Events, Dates, Book & TV-Tips



 The topics of the men’s part at a glance:

Designer Look

  • Sportswear

In Focus

  • Covid-19 – Survival after and during the crisis

Pattern Technique

  • Cycling-Backpack
  • Cycling Wear
  • Swimwear


  • Sports make Fashion

Industry News

  • Germany by made-to-measure?