Product: Download: LINGERIE Fundamentals

Download: LINGERIE Fundamentals

It´s finally here: The long-awaited textbook »LINGERIE Fundamentals«. Cutting technique on the highest level. With this textbook, Dorothé Klotz reveals insights into the cosmos of lingerie creation for the very first time. This comprehensive knowledge replaces a complete four-week seminar.
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With »LINGERIE FUNDAMENTALS«, Dorothé Klotz gives exciting insight into the cosmos of lingerie creation for the very first time. The author is an international acknowledged specialist for lingerie, a sought-after expert for designing collections as well as fit optimization and training for the industry and craft trades.

This textbook conveys extensive practical knowledge from the design up to the production of lingerie designs. It explains pattern constructions for various bra and brief designs as well as grading methods, the cup size determination, the calculation of the material stretch value, and manufacturing methods. As a special bonus, the author gives exclusive tips on optimizing fit based on her practical experience of various decades.

All pattern constructions were created according to the worldwide-approved system M. Müller & Sohn. Even more precisely in comparison to women’s outerwear, the patterns shown focus exclusively on the anatomy of the female body.

Anyone working close to bodies and silhouettes will benefit from this standard work: fashion designers, pattern makers, custom tailors, and cutter/drapers in theatre. Experienced practitioners, ambitious beginners and students alike will find a wealth of knowledge for the production of ladies’ underwear on the highest level.

In addition, professionals will obtain inspiration to become more successful in the lingerie business and gain knowledge about how to create a perfect covering with pleasant wearing comfort. Thus, this exclusive reference book presents itself as an essential foundation for designing lingerie.

Page Count: 239 Pages 
First Edition (2018)

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