Product: Download: Grading for women’s and children’s clothing

Download: Grading for women’s and children’s clothing

This reference book focusses on the special subject of increasing and decreasing patterns in size according to the M. Müller & Sohn system – also known as GRADING. It includes ladies' models and children's clothing. The textbook is internationally acknowledged and considered the basis for both manual and digital grading. (First edition, 2020)
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This textbook gives information on the subject of grading. The instructions for grading patterns show how to enlarge and reduce to different sizes on the basis of patterns according to the M. Müller & Sohn system. The pattern grading technique includes patterns of women’s and children’s clothing. Pattern gradings on skirts, trousers, dresses, shirts, blouses, jackets, coats, raglan kimono and batwing models are shown. Whether in training or for professionals as a further education or aid for working in the atelier: this reference book forms the basis for manual grading, digital grading or with the help of a variator.

Grading is the enlargement and reduction of a pattern. This technique is mainly used to translate and create tried and tested, elaborated pattern in industrial production into other sizes. However, it can also be of interest to tailors and designers who want to create a set of patterns to make cutting more rational.

The ideal prerequisite for this is a tried and tested pattern that is ready for production, with seam allowances, tucks and notches, as well as controlled distances and transitions. Dimensional differences are distributed to the millimetre according to the proportions of the body, so that the fit, styling and design of the model are maintained. The measurements used are based on the new M. Müller & Sohn measurement chart – however, the scheme can also be transferred to a company’s own measurement chart. The patterns can be adapted to the individual measurements by grading and can be taken from the measurement charts.

The contents of this reference book on grading patterns include ladies’ models, children’s garments and explanations of the measurement charts.

Page Count: 156 Pages
Format: 21,0 cm x 29,7 cm
First Edition (2020)

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